C# (CSharp) Mouse Controlling with Windows APIs
C# (CSharp) Mouse Controlling with Windows APIs

Hello everyone I will explain how to control the mouse in this article with C#. After that we will bring the mouse to the point we want and click as many times as we want.

We will use the Windows APIs for this process and send the ASCII Hex code to the system. Let’s start now.

First we will use the System DLL files.

We need to add the above library to the namespace.

And then we need to introduce the variables and DLL to the program.

Please note that we have identified the commands we will send from HexaDecimal. This is because the DLL understands ASCII code and is essentially ASCII code.

Now let’s move our mouse and right-click …

Below are the right-click mouse codes

Yes, as you can see from the above function, we give the necessary coordinates and the keys to be clicked.

Now let’s look at the left click process …

In this way, we can do some time-click operations while we are not at the computer. We can move the mouse on the screen and make transactions.

Have a Nice coding…

Burak Hamdi TUFAN


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