How to use StdPeriph Drivers on CubeMx Installed Computer

How to use StdPeriph Drivers on CubeMx Installed Computer

Hello everyone, in this article we will see how can we enable the StdPeriph Drives on the CubeMx installed and StdPeriph Libraries deisabled Machine on STM32F4 devices.
After HAL library developed uVision Keil is installing with the HAL libraries defaultly. An our projects will not have the installed libraries as you can see at below image.
There is no recognised library

But if we already have projects based on STD PERIPH Library, we have to use the StdPeriph drivers. Now we will see how can we use Std Periph Drivers.

Firstly we have open the Pack Installer from below Icon on Keil.
STDPERIPH Pack Installer
And then in the Device Specific section, remove the installed DFP. After instal the DFP version which you want to use. I will chose the DFP Version 1.0.8 and install it. See the image below.
StdPeriph Select Packs from Pack Installer - Thecodeprogram
As you can see the below image now you can use the STD periph drivers on your machine.
Finalize The Enabling of STD Periph

That is all in this article.

Have a good coding.

Burak Hamdi TUFAN


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