Explanation of Q_OBJECT macro in Qt C++

Explanation of Q_OBJECT macro in Qt C++

Hello everyone, in this article we are going to talk about Q_OBJECT which is one of most important macros of Qt framework. We will see the usages and make some examples for better understanding.

Let's get started.

What is Q_OBJECT ?

Q_OBJECT is one of the core macros of Qt Framework. Q_OBJECT allows us to use some important features of Qt meta object system, signal-slot mechanism is one of them. To enable these features, we add Q_OBJECT definition to the begining of the class.

Below you can see an example of declaring of Q_OBJECT macro:

#include <QObject>

class MyObject : public QObject

// public and private class definitions...

public slots:
    void calculate();

    void errorOccured();

As you can see above, We added Q_OBJECT at the begining of the class definition. To be able to add this macro, this class should inherit the QObject class. Also as you can see we are able to define the signals and slots in this class. With Q_OBJECT macro this class is a meta object class now and at the compiling time Meta-Object system of Qt will rewrite this class.

Please do not forget:
  • Please do not forget to include QObject class and inheriting QObject class in related class.
  • Our class file should be included by .pro file to be considered by meta-object system.
  • We need to run qMake and build to let the MOC to scan the project for the classes with Q_OBJECT macro.

With Q_OBJECT macro also Property System will be enabled.

With Property system we are able to enable some of the events after of a class members' read, write and more events...
Below you can see an example about Property system.

#include <QObject>
class MyObject : public QObject
    Q_PROPERTY(QString value READ getValue WRITE setValue NOTIFY valueChanged)

    explicit MyObject(QObject *parent = nullptr);

    QString getValue() const;
    void setValue(const QString &name);

    void valueChanged();

    QString m_value;

As you can see above, we defined m_value variable and we bound the getter, setter and signal to this value on the events read, write and changed. Property system is being enable by Q_OBJECT macro.

That is all for this article

Burak Hamdi TUFAN


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