What is Agile ?

What is Agile ?

Hello everyone, in this article we are going to talk about agile term in software development field. We will talk about what is agile, how can we do its requirements etc...

Let's get started.

Agile is a project development method to increase efficiency. You can integrate the agile method to your company or any development team. So you can increase your producing.

There are some principle of agile method:
  • First principle is off course Happy Customer. Your development team always response to customer requirements and keep development over customer requests. You should prepare the production as soon as possible.
  • Moticated team is important as much as happy customers. Do not forget motivated team is equal with happy customers. You always make your employe feel good with the task.
  • Developers and sales responsible employees should work together. Because customers are telling the requirements to them. So sales responsble personel should always keep in touch with your developers.
  • Face to face meetings are so important. These conversations may be between team leader, developers, sales responsible and customer. Sometimes developer should have see the customer, sometimes team leader should see the sales responsible personnel etc... The result is the same: Face to Face meetings are so important.
  • Do not release a program which has not working or faulty functions. These functions always demoralize your customer and so do you.
  • You have make a good preperation for the project. Because making the basic philosophia of the project and keep it during the development will provide saving much time. With saved time you can increase technical and designal specifications.
  • Clearify is important so much. When the customer started to use program, never be confused. Clearify must be the basic logic of your program.
  • Manager should observe the team and always keep them motivated. If there is problem solve it.

Face to Face Meetings are important Face to face meetings are so important

Motivated Team means Happy Customer - Thecodeprogram Motivated Team means Happy Customer

Benefits of the Agile and why to use Agile methodology in our projects?

With agile method you will start a project with a sprint. This sprint will make your project ready. Complex projects' requirements generally do not clear from the begining and you will get ready a startup of the project. After this time you will keep the development on customer requirements. This will prevent the waiting for the finishing whole project. It is not clear the project is the what customer wanted. If it is not your project probably will unsucced. But if you develop the project continuously with meetings with customer, it will be the project which customer wanted.

But never forget Agile Sprint Planning is Important - Thecodeprogram

Agile Sprint Planning is Important. Good plan your sprint time and task times. If you do not you will probably lose times.

Agile provides continuous Developing

Agile provides Continuous Development for your project.

Many big software company not exist around these times. Do you now why? They did accomodate the requirements of he time. Technology is always developing and if you want your company be alive you have to develop yourself and your project. Agile methodology helps on this. Your customers' requiremetns will be changed continuously and so your project have to be syncronised with these requirements. Result: you have to develop yourself continuously.

That is all in this article

Have a good developing.

Burak Hamdi TUFAN


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